Messara Valley, Crete Greece

Advanced Traceability System “from the olive grove to the shelf”

Dear Valued Customer, 

In keeping with our philosophy of providing total transparency and maximum information, Ellora Farm has offered customers the ability to trace the route of every one of our products, from the olive grove to the point of sale, through the innovative ‘traceability tree’.

At Ellora Farms we believe that the consumer should be able to learn the whole process of the fruit from the olive tree to the olive mill, the bottling and finally its table.

We offer you the opportunity, on our website, to enter the "6" Digit LOT Number printed on the bottle label to find out details such as the date of harvest, the methods of fruit processing and even to see on the map the olive groves from which your olive oil have come from. All the dates listed on the traceability section are in European format DD/MM/YYYY.