Traceability processes ensure that foods are traced and tracked throughout the supply chain. Traceability is vitally important for food safety as well as operational efficiency and  refers to the functions that trace the flow of foods throughout the production, processing and distribution stages.

At Ellora Farms we believe that the consumer should be able to learn the whole process of the fruit from the olive tree to the olive mill, the bottling and finally its table. So we offer you the opportunity, on our website, to enter the LOT Number of your package and to find out details such as the date of harvest, the methods of fruit processing and even to see on the map the olive groves from which your olive oil have come from.


• You can Trace the Origin and other relevant details of every bottle and tin of Ellora Farms Extra Virgin Olive Oil once you receive the product. You can trace where the olives for your olive oil were harvested and bottled. Every Ellora Farms product has a Lot number stamped on it where you can go to the Traceability Tree, type in your Lot number, and find the full laboratory analysis and satellite images of the fields from which your olive oil originated. Taste the difference and trace the Origin.

• This brings home the point that what you purchased has a precise, traceable history that leads you to the Kolymvari region on the island of Crete, globally acclaimed for its top-quality olive oil.

• Ellora Farms olive oil provides value that sets it apart from any other olive oil brand. This multi-awarded, world-renowned premium product will provide a wonderful and unforgettable dining experience for you and your loved ones and offers an experience that everybody deserves.